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Hi, my name is Avi,

I'm a UX specialist who believes in creative thinking. I create multi-platform Applications and Web-services, during my 10 years in the UX-industry, I produced countless wireframes and interactive prototypes. I offer a wide range of professional services, from consulting, into planning, and to a final product experience. I’m also an entrepreneur and a technology enthusiastic, I know what it takes to transform an idea into a great product, I'm a team player and I enjoy the R&D journey leading to the final product.

Why Aviation? Well, I always loved the world of aviation and aerodynamics. flying is magical, and since it's all about the experience, I believe in delivering magical experiences in my products.

Startup Consulting

Research & Analysis

UX Planning & Architecture

UI Design & Development

Product Prototyping

Responsive Layouts

Android & iOS Apps


Landing pages

Social media